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Advanced Orthodynamics: Innovative Orthotics  and Bracing

Serving Hamilton, Southern Ontario and Clients Across North America

We develop, manufacture and fit custom made braces and foot orthotics for a variety of conditions and ages and offer the WalkAide System.

Advanced Orthodynamics was established in 1994 to provide the people of Hamilton and Southern Ontario with innovative bracing techniques and designs. Since our inception, we have been helping people of all ages and abilities to move with greater comfort, whether it be in everyday activities or in professional and amateur sports.

Follow the menu items at the left edge of the page, or use the tabs at the top to visit our other websites for information on Pectus Bracing and the WalkAide System for Drop Foot condition.

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Advanced Orthodynamics is pleased to present the WalkAide System. Certified Orthotist Eric Bapty has provided technical input into the development of this system since early protypes and the newest devices are impressive in their ability to help many patients with Drop Foot condition. Learn more at